Thursday, November 15, 2012

My aggravation in a rant!!!

Why is it that every time I turn on the radio, I hear more and more awful, pathetic little stories about people and musicians participating in some giant scam? What I don't understand is how modern music somehow has become a rather pointless gimmick based solely on advertisement, publicity and money. It's disgusting, and it makes me sick. Money that we spend on these celebrities, mostly gets put towards drugs and luxurious material objects. Like Lindsay Lohan for example. Starting off as an actrice, she made her way gradually in to the musical relm. Having so much money in her power, she fell into cocaine and alcohol abuse. Progressing, all her substance abuse provoked her to drive while under the influence. And what happened? When caught, it landed her in good ole' community service, because her father knew the judge. How fair is that? People go to prison for life for a DUI in the real world...

People who have actual talent are being overlooked and disgraced, while the new biggest sensations are being tweaked and auto-tuned. The only reason they replace decent singers and musicians with crappy ones, is because it makes for a better story. There's more drama potential, therefore they make more money. To me, that's absolutely ridiculous. It's exactly like racial profiling. Not letting someone have a job, or same rights, just because of colour. Record and publishing companies would rather sign on crap opposed to actual talent.

Taking Cristina Grimmie for example: she's one of the most talented and fantastic singers I have EVER heard in my life, and it easily took her three times as long to be discovered compared to Selena Gomez (ironically, Cristina opened for Selena's summer tour). Ughhhhh! This frustrates me so much! Quit hiring horrible artists!

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