Monday, November 19, 2012

Musical Love Affairs

Music can be the beginning of a new relationship. Not only between you and your personal music, you and your favourite kind of music, but also you and someone else because of music. Developping a relationship between yourself and the music that you play is extremely important. Before you can continue to create your own music, you have to understand why you are doing it, why you are really there.

A love or attachment can be founded between you and your favourite type of music. For example, I love screamo and Indie pop. Although these two genres are completely accross the map from one another, I have made an attachment to them. Each of these I listen to during seperate occasions. I have formed a bond with these two types, which enables me to find other bands that also play these types of music. I can also incorporate these two types of music in my own creations. It's amazing how one can find parelellism in music scales when two things sound so completely different!

Music can also be the start of a new relationship. It shows a common interest between two people. This can be used as a conversation starter. Also, it is easier to have chemistry with someone when you can find things to do that you both like (ie. listen to tunes, dance, sing, etc...). Also, when exchanging music with a potential crush, lyrics can make the world's difference. It sparks the imagination! The mood becomes less tense and you are more likely to be attracted to someone. Thank you musical love affairs!

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  1. I like how you say it is important to develop a relationship between yourself and music.True of everything, isn't it.