Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interview with Allyssa Gallacher!

I originally had started this interview in video, but being a little camera shy, we decided it would be better to have it writen instead.

1. When did you first realise your passion for music?

I first realised my interest for music started in grade 8. It was in the music class with Mme Natasha. This coninued into the music class in grade 9. M RĂ©mi inspired me and the more I learnt, the better things got! I started solo-ing, and that's when everything set into gear. I bought my first guitar, and started making music a big part of my life.

2. Which instruments do you play? Which is prefered?

I play the piano, guitar and ukelele. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the ukelele, it's really difficult! But it's fun nonetheless! My favourite instrument has been and will always be the guitar. I started out on it, and I love the sound. It's pretty awesome. :)

3. How has music changed you as a person?

Music has helped me gain more confidence in myself. Whether it's performing in front of a big crowd, my family or friends, or just myself, I've been able to muster up the ability to realise that I really enjoy doing this so why not just have fun and hopefully please others too! :)

4. Who is your biggest influence? Why?

I have 3 big influences in my music life. My uncle, Henderson Howells, is a country singer/songwriter who has released albums and really made a name for himself in the southern states of America. When I do eventually get to see him, we jam out and play together, and he shows me little tips and tricks and even techniques to improve my music playing (whether it be guitar or piano).

My second biggest influence is Josie Russell, my best friend. She's been playing since she was little, and it made me want to push myself to catch up and improve so that her and I could play together. From grade 8 to this day, we play at coffee houses together and whenever we have sleepovers and stuff, we always rip out the guitars and have a rock out session! It's so much fun!

My third biggest influence is Marc Pigeon. He started his guitar playing in grade 11 and he quickly became amazing at it. He surpassed everyone in our class, including the teacher, and he just really loved what he was doing. You could definitely tell that countless hours of  practice went in to the making, and pure dedication pushed him to be as excellent as he is. He inspired me to find a deeper love for music, even though my fingers hurt after hours of guitar! Gotta keep pushing through!

These three are my biggest influences because they are all truly incredible at what they love to do. It made me want to play like them, and it made me push myself to get better. I really appreciate the opportunity I had and still have to meet and play with these people. It also made me explore the types of musics out there, and I found some that I really enjoy that I never thought I would have before hand!

5. Why do you perform at school coffee houses?

I do it more for the fun factor. The positive feedback and the compliments make me want to continue, but it's more the energy of the crowd. When people like what you're playing and really get into it, it pushed you to the limits and you do things, sing things or play things you normally wouldn't be able to. It makes you believe in yourself. :)

6. Have you ever been scared while showing off your skills and talents? Why?

YES!!! All the time. I'm scared because I'm afraid of messing up, or poor technique choices. When I sing, I always end up swallowing the words and losing myself. Even though I lose track, I usually just laugh it off and pick up where we ended, just to finish a song. Sometimes I get so carried away and stuck in the song that I forget I'm on stage, and then when I look up and see everyone staring back at me, I get startled and choke up! But it's okay, 'cause it's all for fun. :)

7. If you could improve one thing about your music, what would it be and why?

I really wish I knew how to read sheet music. I know the basics, but I couldn't just sit down and play it right off the bat, I have no fluency. It would really help me improve my piano playing, and I would actually be able to play it, instead of just playing by ear.

8. Have you made any of your own music?

Yes I have. I've made my own songs with lyrics. But I wouldn't show them to anyone. They're personal, so I really don't want to share them with everyone. I play them more for myself, to remind me about the past and future. It's my little fix 'er upper on my spare time. :)

9. Do you use music as your outlet?

It definitely is my outlet. I have so much stuff going on in my life, and it's so good to just sit down and put in the earphones and forget the world for a while. It's my opportunity to relax, and lose yourself in the music. It soothes the soul, and I'm happy that I have capability to enjoy music as much as I do.

10. What do you think mainstream genre is doing to the music world?

I actually hate it. Everyone becomes obsessed over celebrity singers. The songs aren't good at all, and some newer artists have even taken on remaking their own versions of old songs. NO! You can't just ruin a perfectly good song. You're decreasing the importance and beauty of someone else's art. It's become all about money and appearences and everyone has just forgotten about voices and actual talent. The meaning of the music is lost on this generation, I swear! Ughhhh!

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