Monday, November 19, 2012

Bring Us Together

Bringing communities and people together have been a lifetime goal for many. Several people have devoted their lives and careers to trying to assemble people, to bring us closer, to let us be, humans. Even though these people have tried so hard to do so, their work has not gone unnoticed, but there's nothing better that can bring a commmunity together than music.

When Haiti had it's crisis, a bunch of artists got together and made a song called Wavin' Flag. This song helped raise awareness as well as funds for Haiti. This really encouraged people to help out for the cause. They rached out to people in order to help those who needed it most. I think that's amazing.

Pearl Jam read a news paper article about a boy who shot himself in front of his class. Because they felt so touched about this situation, they wrote a song about it in hopes to show their support. This song helped show people the severity of the situation, and it helped bring people together to work for a common goal: helping people. I think that is amazing! :)

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