Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is there admiration in recreation?

Over time, things start to fade. Clothes, paint, friendships, skin...even artists. So what happens when a well known artist disappears? They try to reinvent themselves. Are you the kind of person that when food goes bad in a tupperware, do you throw the entire thing out or do you clean it out and re-use it? This is how I feel about musicians. Looking at both the pros and cons, is it really worth it? Or should it just be left alone?

When looking at Hollywood, and seeing stars that have easily had their fair time on the screen, I wonder if they need to be hit by a brick wall of realization. Some actors and actresses, are trying to come back to the screen. For example, Pamela Anderson. She's now 45 years old, and wants to offer a new and improved debut to the film industry. Am I the only one who's thoughts were automatically: "ew"? Although Pamela may not be the best actrice, and may not get her second attempt at fame, that is not the case of every second round celebrity.To me, the same applies for music.

Right before Micheal Jackson's death, he was in the midst of recreating himself as an artist. I've honestly never been a fan of MJ as a person, but there is a lot to be admired at the standpoint of a critic. In so little time, he bacame famous. Being so talented, he managed to stay popular during the time span of being a child in his family band, all the way to his early adulthood, where he found his way in a solo career. Although he had a lot to show, his wealth and power corrupted him and he went a little nutso. Getting passed all of this trauma, his agent thought it would be an amazing idea to re-invent Micheal Jackson. So he started his endeavour going on tour, retrieving what he had lost, picking up where he left off. Even though my generation was not the fondest of him, his tour still sold out because of people like my parents! In essence, he was one of the many stars that managed to recreate their image once more and make money again, even though his days had already passed.

Then you find artists like The Beastie Boys, who were really big back in my fathers youth, and who have recently decided to throw a come back tour. In 2011, they had a meeting and decided that their days of making music were not behind them. Sometimes that's all it takes, a little time between "gigs". When looking at the logic, after spending so much time together, you run out of things to write about. When all of the major events that have bothered you in your life have been made into a song, you have to take a little bit of time to go and allow yourself more life experiences. When things happen to you, you learn to use them as tools and mecanisms to further your strength and also adapt to situations. When the band met up again, they found that they all had new things to throw on to the table, and they managed to start writing again. This is another example of a successful recreation.

On March 27th 2012, Madonna issued her come back tour. Starting off as the lead performance for the NFL Grey Cup, Madonna performed on stage with Nikki Minaj and MIA, two very well known artists from this decade. Madonna being 53, still manages to own that stage! Since her recreation, she's managed to obtain a 4 album contract with Interscope Records. I think the words that are really jumping to mind are "wow" and "how". Yes, we are all both shocked and proud of Madonna, but it's thanks to her genius marketing skills. Did you know that she didn't get paid a dime for her performance at the Grey Cup? She told the organisers that she would perform for free in exchange of getting the chance to perform! Advertising herself and starting up again is way more important for Madonna than making money is, which is defnitely admirable. Because she received this publicity, she was able to assure her tour being sold out. Madonna is currently working on the realease of her new album, and has been successful ever since!

When we think horrible breakdown, we think Britney Spears. The fall out of all fall outs. For a moment there, guaranteed everyone thought she'd wind up in a mental institute. Her father being in complete control of her money, her ex-husband threatening to take away her children, her disapproving mother and her last minute resort to alcohol drove her way off the edge. The paparazzi just loves when people lose themselves in power. Taking advantage of this, they were able to catch Britney in the middle of several extravagant events that reflected extremely negatively on her image. She got mad at her hair-cutter, and took matters into her own hands when she stole the electric razor, proceeding to buzz off all her hair. She was also caught putting the lives of her children in danger, among other public disgraces. Britney came back from rockbottom! Aside from Michael Jackson, I believe that Britney made the biggest turn around financially, socially, personally and career wise. She recreated her image, and finalized the release of her new album, immidiately after her breakdown, Black Ice. Her agent insisted on getting back up on the horse, which when reviewing, a matter of fact, brought her back to her success. Since then, she has also released another album, entitled Circus, which I can proudly and gladly say that I attended in concert. Britney has always had so much energy and ambition on stage, that it was no question that she turned her life around so well.

There are so many artists, popular or not, that have made a turn around in their careers. It's remarkable that their love for music can overcome the insecurity, scrutiny, critics and judgements of the music world. I believe that there is admiration in recreation, and that artists, when pushed enough, can reinvent themselves as people, and also as creators.

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